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Health and Wellness
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Relaxation is an essential key element of massage, which allows muscle tissue to move from a contracted position to an extended or relaxed state. When you think about good fitness, health & wellness, picture yourself laying back in a Pinnacle Spa.

Ahh… doesn’t that feel better now!

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Hydrotherapy can help relieve the pain of arthritis and other tired muscle related injuries. Not only does the warm spa water melt away tension and strain from your body, but with combinations of powerful and gentle massage pulsating jets, help you relax your entire body.

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DO YOU… feel stressed, have sore muscular aches and pains, suffer from back problems, or have sport related injuries? Relief is just moments away when you own a Pinnacle Spa.

Deep tissue therapy and neuromuscular release is the main focus of message therapy while relaxing in a Pinnacle Spa. If you have specific areas of pain and discomfort, release of “trigger points” and chronic muscle tension by pulsating warm water jets create long lasting change and better health. This type of therapy is especially useful in relieving neck, back and shoulder pain.