Spa Maintenance

Spa Maintenance doesn’t have to ruin all your fun or take up all of your spa time. Pinnacle Spas have state of the art systems in place to make the time you spend on spa maintenance minimal and easy.

Spa Frog Inline Sanitation System = Easy Spa Maintenance

spafrog - Spa Maintenance

Depending on the area you live in and the local regulatory rules, your PN model hot tub has a SPA FROG that consists of some combination of a mineral cartridge and a bromine cartridge manufactured directly in the plumbing line. Here’s how it works:

The SPA FROG In-Line System is made up of (A) a FROG cap that is easily distinguishable among the fittings on the top of the spa, (B) a cartridge holder that pulls out of the system, (C) a mineral cartridge that controls bacteria in the water and (D) a bromine cartridge that helps support the minerals while oxidizing contaminants like body oils. The cartridges are adjustable to meet your specific spa water care needs.

SPA FROG START UP: After you have filled and balanced the water in your hot tub according to the chart, proceed with the SPA FROG as follows:

*NOTE: Bromine levels are lower only when used with FROG minerals. Use a metal out or sequestering agent if fill water is high in metals. Wait 24 hours before continuing start up. Shock hot tub to establish a 1.0-2.0 ppm bromine or chlorine residual. Add directly to hot tub water. Do NOT add through the SPA FROG In-Line System. When spa reaches 95 degrees, set the mineral and bromine cartridges according to the directions below and insert them into the System.

Spa Maintenance Test Range

Total Alkalinity 80-180 ppm

pH 7.2-7.8

Calcium Hardness 150-400 ppm

Bromine 1.0-2.0 ppm

These are the recommended ranges for balanced water using Spa Frog.

Note: Test strips and water balancing chemicals are available through your local dealer or by calling 1-800-749-8003.
For HELP, call 1-800-304-9684.


As every hot tub is different, finding the right setting for the bromine cartridge will require monitoring your usage for the first week or two. Begin with an initial setting of 3 (if you set your filtration cycle to 1 hour a day) or 2 (if you set your filtration cycle to 2 or more hours a day) and monitor bromine levels before each use. Adjust the cartridge by one setting per use until a 1.0-2.0ppm level has been achieved. To adjust cartridge, remove from system and turn to the next higher setting if the bromine level is low, or the next lower setting if the bromine level is high. The bromine cartridge needs to be replaced when empty. Drain water to ensure empty then discard in trash. On most hot tubs, it will last between 2 – 4 weeks. Always maintain at least 1.0 ppm bromine level.



Set SPA FROG Mineral Cartridge wide open on #6 by holding the bottom and turning the top until the number 6 appears in the setting window. The SPA FROG Mineral Cartridge must be replaced every 4 months. After four months of use, or when draining and refilling the hot tub with fresh water, discard SPA FROG Mineral Cartridge in trash even if, upon shaking, it appears there is spent media left inside. Once wetted, the time-released minerals in the cartridge are effective up to four months. Do not attempt to reuse the product once removed from the hot tub. For ease in remembering, mark your calendar.

NOTE: The more you use your Pinnacle Plus hot tub, for instance when you first get it, the greater the setting to achieve at least 1.0 ppm will need to be. If usage decreases or the bromine level is greater than 2.0 ppm, the setting should be lowered.


Open cap of the SPA FROG and set aside. Remove holder by pushing down and turning counterclockwise before pulling out. Remove spent cartridges by pushing bottom out through openings in back of holder. Then grab cartridge and pull out.

For the Luxury Series Spas, ask about the Floating Spa Frog to make your spa maintenance even easier.

Filtration on your Pinnacle Spa

In addition to your spa’s sanitizing system, Pinnacle Spas offers two types of water filtration methods both of which means easy spa maintenance.

filter system on a Pinnacle spa - Spa Maintenance

Pinnacle Plus Lilly Filtration

Each PN spa comes with one “drop-in” filter element. On top of the filter element is a skimmer basket. Simply remove the top cap to access them both. Pinnacle Spas recommends cleaning these with a garden hose every 1-2 weeks, depending on use, to keep your water at its peak. (See image at right.)

Luxury Series Crystal Clear Flow Filtration

Each LX hot tub comes with 2-3 “screw-in” filter elements. These elements reside behind the weir skimmer door and are accessible by removing the refreshment tray. Ensure they are hand-tightened for optimum filtration. Do not over tighten. Pinnacle Spas recommends cleaning these with a garden hose every 1-2 weeks, depending on use, to keep your water at its peak.