Your search for value and performance in portable spa stops right here. You know what you want in a hot tub, but you also know you don’t want to break the bank paying for it. That’s where Pinnacle Spas comes in. With a factory-direct dealer network across North America, you can get some of the newest and best spas on the market – without paying full market price.
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Investigate the savings in the recently introduced Pinnacle Plus line of hot tubs. Fresh designs manufactured with you in mind boast more than 30 standard features including all the comforts you asked for – waterfalls, surround lighting, ergonomic seating, customizable hydrotherapy, built-in speakers, sub-woofer, in-line sanitation system and more – all straight from the factory with no middle man markup! And to make you feel better about getting in and relaxing in your new Pinnacle spa, it’s all backed with a full factory warranty and service program.

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