Who do I call for my hot tub warranty information or service?

Call our customer care center, at 1-800-304-9684. Please note, you must register your hot tub within 30 days of purchasing or your warranty will be voided. Our representatives can assist with this process or you can get help online at www.PinnacleSpas.com.

Who are the spa service companies in my area?

Pinnacle Spas contracts with several service companies in your area to ensure the best possible response time. Our customers are guaranteed to receive service response priority. If you encounter a matter that can’t be easily resolved over the phone, a local technician can be dispatched to your home. The spa service technician may assess reasonable travel charges during on-site repairs. Call our customer care center, at 1-800-304-9684

What happens when my hot tub warranty expires?

Pinnacle Spas will continue to provide service for your hot tub after your warranty has expired via our customer care center at 1-800-304-9684.

Are the jets removable? Interchangeable? Replaceable?

Most jets are made removable and adjustable for customized hydrotherapy.

How often should I drain my hot tub?

You should drain and refill your hot tub every 1-3 months depending on usage. Every other time you drain and refill, you should also replace the filters and wipe down the hot tub (see page 44).

How do I adjust my jet?

  • Simply turn the jets counterclockwise to open and clockwise to close. Be careful not to overturn the jets, as damage can occur.
  • Caution: Do not turn off too many jets at the same time. This will create back-flow and possible damage to your hot tub!
  • For HELP, call 1-800-304-9684.

How do I bleed air from my system?

When draining and refilling your hot tub, the pump may become air locked. Air-locked pumps stop water from flowing in your hot tub and is easily resolved by bleeding off the trapped air. To do this:

  • Turn off the GFCI breaker
  • Open the access panel below the topside control panel
  • Loosen a heater union until you hear the trapped air escape
  • Once water drips out in a continuous stream, hand tighten the union until the water stops leaking
  • Loosen the discharge union on Pump 2 (if equipped) as above
  • Turn on all pumps to make sure that there are no leaks
  • Put the access panels back on
  • Turn on the GFCI breaker

How do I use aromatherapy (if equipped)?

  • Remove scented bead cartridge from plastic cover.
  • Twist off aromatherapy injector valve cap located on top of hot tub.
  • With the scented bead cartridge in your hand, splash water into it from your other hand.
  • Insert cartridge into the injector.
  • Replace cap and tighten.
  • Turning on the pump activates the aromatherapy via the jets.

What is the insulation made of?

We use a Thermazone™ process to fully insulate all of our hot tubs. First, the bottom of each shell is blanketed with a thick layer of solid-cell, high-density insulating foam. Second, a blanket layer of insulation is added and wrapped around the entire interior of the cabinet.

Third, an air-tight base prevents heat loss. Fourth, a 5-inch thick insulating cover is included.

How should I clean my hot tub?

Use a no-suds cleaner and non-oily polishes (see page 52). Our All Purpose Cleaner quickly removes scum lines and helps restore your shell’s original beauty. Rinse all filters, covers, pillows, and surfaces thoroughly with warm tap water. Our Filter Cleanser is a safe, effective way to clean and re-use your filters and our Plumbing Cleanser cleans the inside of all plumbing in your hot tub. Call 1-800-304-9684 to order these easy-to-use cleaning products.

Where can I get more Chemicals or other accessories?

Visit your local dealer or call 1-800-304-9684