Everlast Polymer Base


Everlast Polymer Base
Everlast Polymer BaseAll Pinnacle Spas start with an extra thick 1/4 inch thick ABS airtight floor that helps keep heat in and critters out. This modular foundation features a rigid reinforced foot well support. Each model has its own specific base engineered for that specific footprint. During manufacturing, the base is coated with a layer of foam insulation.
Incorporated Component Stands
Incorporated-StandsOther key parts of the Everlast Polymer Base are the component mounts that assist in noise and vibration reduction. These stands also serve as peak quality control measures since only the right parts fit and must be installed in the same places and same fashion in every hot tub.
High-Pressure 300 Pump
230 pump 2nd pumpThis system implements an industrial strength, 240 volt, 56-fram motor threaded in to a powerful wet end. In swim spas, these pumps push 300 gallons per minute. In hot tubs they provide more efficient airflow and help to achieve balanced water pressure through each jet. This single speed pump performance is equivalent to the high setting on the dual speed pump.
Smart Control Panel With M7 Technology
Smart Control Pack Pinnacle SpasThe Balboa system in the LX models allows your spa control pack to work in conjunction with the encased heating system via integrated sensor functionality for high reliability. This technology also increases the ease of installation as well as the serviceability – should it ever need to be accessed.
Hydro-Blast Elevated Manifold Plumbing
Hydro-Blast Manifold All Pinnacle Spas are engineered with manifold plumbing, giving each jet its own water line. This allows for equal water pressure and uninterrupted flow to every hydrotherapy point. Elevating the mount, instead of the faster, cheaper method of laying it on the base, helps prevent freezing in the pipes in cold climates.
Air Jet Bubblier
Air Jet Bubblier Found exclusively in the Luxury Series, Pinnacle Spas offers its customers a completely different type of hydrotherapy experience as a complement to the standard water jets. Turn on these champagne bubbling, air injected jets separately or in conjunction with the High-Pressure Pumps to achieve the desired massage experience.
Ozone Purifying Chamber
Ozone Purifying Chamber By plumbing this compartment at the base of Pinnacle Spas, it allows the O3 gas ample time to be generated, enter the water at the deepest point and travel to the surface. This is the safest, most efficient way to introduce ozone in to your water.
Spillover Water Fall
Spill Over Waterfall This sparkling water feature creates ambiance and a soothing atmosphere via a simple turn of its own freestanding control valve. This is a more traditional type waterfall with a horizontal edge flow and is found in the Luxury series.
MP3 Dock With Sub-woofer
MP3 Player with sub-woofer Wildly popular whether you own an iPod or a generic MP3 player, this system is as simple to use as your music player. Simply plug your player in to the jack located on the outside of the cabinet, turn it on to your desired volume, slide down the splash-proof protective case and enjoy. Your tunes are amplified via an adjustable sub-woofer that is mounted to the Everlast Polymer Base. (Found in PN spa models only)
Premium 316 Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
Various Jets used in Pinnacle Spas These classy, shiny jets bring out the aesthetic appeal and durability of the Pinnacle Spas peak hydrotherapy system. These jets not only add a visual design element, they also stand up better to the harsh outdoor elements than their plastic alternative. The Pinnacle Plus jets are 2-tone, while the Luxury jets are solid stainless. (Jet types vary according to spa specifications)
Lucite® Cast Acrylic Containing Microban® Protection
Lucite Cast Acrylic Lucite, which began manufacturing in the 1930s, is one of the world’s most recognized brands and their hot tub shells are virtually impermeable. With Microban built in to the molecular structure of the acrylic, consumers have an added sense of security. World class mold design gives you the peak comfort you are looking for in the seats.
Thermazone Barrier Insulating System
Thermazone Barrier We believe the benefits of this blanket insulation are a more efficient hot tub than full foam and unquestioned easy access to components. It includes a solid-cell, high-density layer of insulation on the underside of the shell, a similar base of insulation on the Everlast Polymer Base, a layer of reflective foil wrapped completely around the support structure and the Heat Shield Cover for peak efficiency.
50 Sq. Ft. Lilly Filtration With Vein Channels
Lily Filtration System The top of the filters in the Pinnacle Plus spas pop off to reveal a skimmer basket, solid vein channels and a filter cartridge containing approximately 50-feet of media. The vein channels are not designed to “float” but rather help direct the water to the filter cartridge for peak water clarity.
Zoned Manifold Air Controls
Air Control Systems These valves are positioned on the topside flange of the hot tub near each LX seat. They all add a boost of air injection to an already soothing water massage. Turn them on for full power, or off for just standard water power.
Gravity Drain
Gravity Drain These standard drain systems are popular because they are easy to use. Mounted in the crease of the foot well with a slight groove in the mold to help assist water flow, they drain out through an exterior bib valve. When you need to empty your spa, simply open the valve on the drain bib (outside your cabinet) and let gravity do the work for you.
Safety Grab Handle
Safety Handle Designed in to the LX 4000 lounge wall, the other LX lounge models (5000, 8000 and 11000) get metal grab bars after the shell forming process. These handles double as something to grab on to when entering the spa as well as an aid to pull you out of the deeper lounge seat.
PN 6000 Electronic Controls
PN 6000 Topside These 6-button topside Gecko controls feature all the functionality your PN model spa needs in a popular display. The digital buttons operate everything from the standard hot tub functions (pumps, lights, temperature) to extras such as the clock, and economy mode.
LED Cup Holders
Cup Holders You like lights? Lights are everywhere we could put them on the Pinnacle Plus spas – including the built-in cup holders. Clear glasses and bottles full of your favorite beverage illuminate at night when you choose one of the 10 color settings.
LED Multi-Point Coach Light
Coach Light One large light (LX series) or a pair of lights (PN) are found submerged on the hot tub floor area so the user can easily and safely illuminate their water and enter at night. Many other manufacturers use a regular light bulb here or offer no lights at all.
Child Safety Locks
Child Safety Locks Use these locks, that are included with every Heat Shield Cover, to securely fasten your cover to your cabinet. They can be locked to prevent unauthorized hot tub entry and also keep your cover securely in place. (You will find these in an envelope tucked in the cover during shipping.)
Pedestal Shell Supports
Spa Shell SupportAs an added benefit to the Everlast Polymer Base, Pinnacle floors contain built-in support structures that are strategically placed under key pressure points in the seating areas of the shell molds. This helps bear the load, solidifying the shell when water and bathers are introduced. Many other manufactures skip this step.
High-Pressure, Dual Speed 300 Pump
features_Dual-Speed-200-PumpWhile most manufacturers play the “horse power” game with their motors, Pinnacle Spas focuses on overall performance to achieve a peak hydrotherapy experience. To do that, we balance gallons per minute flow rates with pounds per square inch pressure rates with larger 2.5 inch plumbing, no unnecessary elbow turns and an assortment of jet sizes and placements.
Hi-Flow Heating System With M7 Technology
Heating Tube of a Pinnacle Spa
The heaters found in the Luxury Series (LX Models) hot tubs are manufactured by Balboa – an industry leader who has built upon more than two decades of hot tub technology experience. Your hot tub water is heated as it passes through a front-mounted, seamless 5.5 kw tube featuring an incoloy/titanium element and smart sensor technology that ensures a proper and maximized heating process.
heating element of Pinnacle Spa
Smart Control Panel With IN. Technology
Smart Control Pinnacle SpaThe Gecko system in the PN models allows your spa control pack to work in conjunction with the encased heating system. This rugged and innovative pack features color coordinated plugs for quick and easy connections. This streamlines manufacturing and also aids during in-field service. Only serviceable parts are made accessible to technicians, so safety and ease of use abound with this system.
Shut-off “T” Valves
Shut of Valves (T-Valves) As an added peace of mind, you can rest assured knowing you will never have to drain and refill your Pinnacle hot tub to troubleshoot key inline components. For example, if a heater or motor ever needs servicing, simply slide the valve down to cut off the water supply and make the necessary adjustments and preserve your water.
Purifying Ozone System
Ozone System All Pinnacle Spas are equipped with corona discharge ozone systems that are highly effective in removing unwanted contaminants from the water via O3 oxidation. Our ozonators also greatly reduce the need for chemicals and naturally help clarify your water. Our cell technology lasts 3-4 times longer than competitive CD ozonators for peak water clarity that lasts.
Inline Spa Frog Sanitation System
Spa Frog Sanitation System Pinnacle Spas is one of very few manufacturers who give its customers this ease of maintenance feature. Bromine and mineral cartridges snap in place in this simple to use canister system and lock in place under an easy to remove cap. Once your spa water is balanced, Spa Frog is designed to maintain these levels for approximately a month of peak water. (Found in PN models only)
LED Sconce Water Falls
LED Sconce WaterfallsThe water features in the Pinnacle Plus hot tubs are aesthetically designed in to the wall as a focal point for nighttime bathing. A pair of waterfalls trickles over a beveled side wall. Both are illuminated with LED lights that are part of the LED Safety and Mood Perimeter Lighting package.
Built in Speakers
Built in speakers A pair of marine-grade, circular speakers are mounted to the wall above the water line, but below the flange. These splash-proof speakers are designed to last longer than the retractable speakers found in many other spas that need to be manually or electronically engaged after the cover is removed. (Found in PN models only)
Solid-Frame, Pressure Treated Support Structure
Solid Frame Construction Our enhanced frames are built onsite in our woodshop by master carpenters. Corner anchor supports are assembled to tie the framework together in a strong, durable manner. It also features four removable panels for easy access to your components.
Synthetic Maintenance Free Cabinet
Maintenance Free Synthetic Cabinet Synthetic wood cabinets (available in American Heritage, Mahogany or Grey) are more durable and weather resistant than plastic or wood skirting. This choice of material keeps the hot tub from warping or fading and helps maintain a new appearance.
100/150 Sq. Ft. Crystal Clear Flow Filtration
Crystal Clear Flow Filtration A premium system when it comes to aesthetics and functionality, this intake filtration in the Luxury line is powered by a suction return system and a weir door waterline skimmer. Filter cycle settings can be programmed using the digital electronic controls. You get a pair of 50 square foot filters in all LX spa models except the largest LX 11000 – which comes with three cartridges.
Comfort Design Pillows
Comfort Design Pillows Contoured to cradle the head and neck comfortably, with enough cushion to complement everyone’s shape and size these headrests are standard in all Pinnacle Spas. The Pinnacle Plus models feature “snap-in” pillows, while the Luxury models offer two kinds of seamless “drop in” headrests.
Ergo-Zoned Manifold Air Controls
Ergo Air controls The valves in the PN seats provide the same benefit as their LX counterparts, but are more ergonomically positioned within reach. They sit at an angle, rather than on the standard flat top flange. With no need to contort your wrist they are a favorite feature of those with arthritis.
VGB-Compliant Safety Covers
Saftey Covers As of Dec. 19, 2007 all hot tubs and spas must adhere to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. All Pinnacle Spas meet this suction/entrapment code and the proof is stamped right on every cover grate.
PN 7000 Electronic Controls
PN7000 Topside Control These 7-button topside Balboa controls feature all the functionality your LX model spa needs in a popular display. The digital buttons operate everything from the standard hot tub functions (pumps, lights, temperature) to extras such as the clock, and economy mode.
Refreshment Tray
Refeshment Tray Because of the weir door filtration technology, the Luxury spa models offer an added area to place your beverages. The filter cover lid doubles as a beverage holder and is removable for easy serving and cleaning purposes as well as access to the filter cartridges.
LED Safety Mood and Perimeter Lighting
LED Perimeter Lighting The color of light influences your body’s comfort centers in a subtle but yet undeniable way. Our deluxe LED lighting system creates a visually stunning and tranquil bathing environment that can
Heat Shield Cover – 5 Inches**
HEat Shield Cover Every Pinnacle hot tub comes with an extra thick, 5” tapered cover that allows more heat retention and absorbs less humidity. The tapered cover permits water that can gather on the cover, to runoff. The cover is also an additional safeguard against weather and debris.
Factory Guarantee – 5/2/2
Factory Guarantee Our competitive service program offers a 5 year warranty on the shell, 2 years on equipment, controls, cabinetry and plumbing and 2 years on labor. Pinnacle Spas also offers live telephone and e-mail technical support and service for your daily and warranty peak service needs.