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Swimmer 18
MSRP: $37,950

Swimmer 18 Swim Spa Top View

Although adorned with multiple features and options, this unit was designed for swim training. A wide open (no internal obtrusion’s) and an extra long swim lane (13’….) make it ideal for the novice or the avid swim enthusiast. Bring your goggles and take a test plunge.

The Swimmer 18 designed to provide backyard fun and benefits in just the right size for you. Whether you want the convenience of swimming without having to turn and repeat laps or the kids are begging for a place to splash around. With a trio of river jets to swim against and a bevy of therapy jets to relax in, this unit is perfect for building muscle, physical therapy or just plain fun. Since the water can be heated to your desired temperature, the Swimmer can be enjoyed year round. Consider that a recent University of South Carolina study has proven that swimming can cut men’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease in half.

Can your regular pool do all that?

The Swimmer 18 is a large 18 foot swim spa with 3 each River Stream Jets and a large 10′ and 6 inches of swim lane.

Optional Features:

  • Deluxe Stereo System with Sub Woofer
  • Built-in Speakers.
  • Rowing and Resistance Band Accessories Available.

Woman in Water

Swimmer 18 Specifications

  • Shell Dimensions: 2137″ x 89″ / 541 cm x 226 cm
  • Height: 58″ / 137 cm
  • Volume: 2,400 US gallons / 9,085 liters
  • Weight Full: 19,424 lbs / 8,811 kg
  • Weight Empty: 1,900 lbs / 862 kg
  • Seating: 12 hot tub therapy seats (1 swimmer)
  • Water Jets: 18 (3 River Stream Jets)
  • Electrical: 240V/60A Swimmer 18

Swimmer 18 Features

  1. Two Self-Contained, Climate-Controlled Environments
  2. Temperature Controlled
  3. Heat the Spa Up to 104 Degrees
  4. Challenging 1, 2 or 3 High Volume Water Jets
  5. Extra Wide Swim Lane (10′ 6″)
  6. Combined With a Swim Current of More Than 1,000 GPM
  7. Comfortable Pillows (2)
  8. 100 Sq. Ft. Filtration System
  9. ABS Insulated Base and Support structure
  10. Digital Smart Controls
  11. Custom Design Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
  12. Lucite Cast Acrylic
  13. Deluxe LED Lighting
  14. Maintenance Friendly Synthetic Cabinet
  15. Ozone Generators (2)
  16. Heavy Duty Covers
  17. 16 Gauge Welded Steel Frame
  18. Support Components that Meet Safety Standards

Optional Features:

  1. Deluxe Stereo System with Sub Woofer
  2. Built-in Speakers.
  3. Rowing and Resistance Band Accessories Available

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